The Strategic Partnerships and Social Impact of our platform

I'm terribly psyched for all the new products we've put up, and there are plenty more in the pipeline that will be up in the next few weeks as they get made by our artisans. 

I'm even more excited (as hard as it is to believe) about two new strategic partnerships with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) - Pakistan and The Naqsh School of Arts. The former is the Pakistani branch of the world's most known nature conservation organization, with which we will be reaching a tree planting drive agreement. Ralli seeks to be fair trade as well as sustainable. While the vast majority of our profits go to our artisans, it is essential to make their industries long-term viable, which is why 10% of our profits will go to various tree-planting efforts across Pakistan. Pakistan looses a whopping forest cover of 166 square miles every year. You can read more about the country's chronic deforestation and related problems hereA tree planting drive with the Environment and Nature Club at Aitchison College (my high school) has also been planned. I'm really looking forward to these engagements, because we hope Ralli can be a movement that inspires change in attitudes in our quest for sustainable artisanship.

Ralli is also a proud strategic partner with the Naqsh School of Arts. The non-profit institute is located in the old walled city of Lahore, and seeks to save certain traditional laborious painting and miniature traditions of Mughal times, by teaching them to people from low-income families. We are thrilled to note that all miniatures on Ralli's website are from the Institute.  

Additionally,  another 10% of the profits will be going to schools run by The Citizens Foundation and the Care Foundation. Both these organizations have done a stupendous job in opening schools for people at the very bottom, in areas where government schooling is virtually non-existent. These schools have given countless children a fighting chance, and Ralli strongly believes in helping to further their incredible work.